Friday, November 11, 2011

Ye gods! I must go wash out my eyeballs...

Well, just when you think the representative from Wyoming, Sue Wallis, the self-styled Queen of Horse Slaughter and anointed leader of an ironically-named organization called "United Horsemen" can't possibly get any more bizarre or outrageous, she delivered yet once again with her shrill and maniacal rantings about the "Animal Rights" people who have clearly turned her into a delusional paranoiac.

When a young couple in Oregon recently made the news for their creepy and disturbing (by most standards) behavior with a horse carcass, Ms Wallis nearly tripped over herself while sprinting to her computer in order to not only defend this sordid couple, but to rally her troops in support of what she evidently considers "good, clean fun." See for yourself:

Evidently, even some of the most ardent of Ms Wallis' supporters began to nervously back away after this jaw-dropping proclamation, and timidly pointed out she may have crossed the line of decency and 'good taste' (you think?) as it was quietly removed shortly afterward.

However, thanks to functions like 'Screen Shots', this will be forever immortalized as another entry in the Weird and Wonderful World of Wallis.

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